Are Lawyers Hired Guns?


The system of Government in Queensland is based on the Westminster System, with Government being broadly divided into three branches: the Legislature or Parliament which enacts laws, the Executive which...

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What is Family Violence?


Amendments to the definitions of “family violence” and “abuse” have been made to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) ("the Act").

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Lights, Camera, Action, Cut!

Lights Camera Action

Is it legal to record your conversations with others without their knowledge?

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Who Pays Your Legal Costs?


Costs in Family Law Proceedings

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Honesty is the Best Policy


What is the Duty of Disclosure?

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Checklist on Adult Child Support

Child support2

Generally speaking, once a child turns 18, child support is no longer payable pursuant to the formula under the Child Support Assessment legislation.

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Litigation Guardian


Sometimes a party in litigation is not able to act for themselves, either through mental health issues or other circumstances.

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Home Alone!

Schools selection2

In 2008, the Queensland Parliament passed a new law which impacted directly on parents with young children.

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Sperm Donor or Father?

Sperm Donor or Father

A sperm donor will normally be presumed not to be the legal father of any resulting children.

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Time Waits for no Man: But does for Foreign Divorce

Time resized

Filing claims for property settlement and spousal maintenance must usually occur within certain time limits.  However, if you were divorced overseas, these time limits will not apply.

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