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What is a Parenting Plan?

Parenting Plan

The Family Law Act encourages parents to reach agreement in relation to the parenting arrangements for their children and to use the legal system as a last resort.

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Breastfeeding Ban - A Step Too Far?


A child’s best interests are the paramount consideration when a Court determines appropriate parenting arrangements following a separation.

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Handing Over the Kids


One of the practical issues to be considered in relation to parenting Orders or agreements is where handovers or changeovers in the care of children will occur.

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Who is the Parent and why does it Matter?

Sperm Donor or Father2

The legal meaning and standing of a parent depends on the definition of ‘parent’ in each particular piece of legislation.

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Parenting Arrangements for Children Aged 0-4


There is significant debate in relation to the overnight time that children aged 0-4 years should spend with their non-residential parent. There is no rule of thumb.

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When Can My Child Decide?


Please click the link below to watch our video, 'When Can My Child Decide?'

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The Child Support Regime

Child support

Since 1988, child support has been calculated based on a formula which takes into account the amount of taxable income earned by both parents, the number of nights per calendar...

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Checklist on Separation: Preparation for Mediation


The Family Law Act requires parties in dispute, whether re finances or children, to engage in pre-dispute steps before filing documents in Court and seeking to litigate the matter (see...

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Checklist on Separation: The Family Report


When the Family Court is required to make decisions about the time that children spend with their separated parents, it is required to consider such matters as;

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Disputes over School Selection: Checklist of Considerations

Schools selection

Australian families are frequently on the move and often a change of school becomes necessary. Problems arise between separated parents when they cannot agree on their child’s school.

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