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I Only Want Justice!


Traditionally, property settlement Applications in the Family Court have been dealt with by reference to the following four step process:

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Breastfeeding Ban - A Step Too Far?


A child’s best interests are the paramount consideration when a Court determines appropriate parenting arrangements following a separation.

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Where there is a Will, there is a Way


Many people conduct their business and financial affairs through Companies, Partnerships or Trust entities. On death or a marriage breakdown, the issue of legal ownership becomes highly relevant.

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Handing Over the Kids


One of the practical issues to be considered in relation to parenting Orders or agreements is where handovers or changeovers in the care of children will occur.

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Undefended Property Proceedings


It will sometimes be necessary for the Court to make Orders for property settlement in circumstances where one of the spouses has failed to participate in the proceedings.

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Death and Tax - Guaranteed


General duties of the personal representative

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Who is the Parent and why does it Matter?

Sperm Donor or Father2

The legal meaning and standing of a parent depends on the definition of ‘parent’ in each particular piece of legislation.

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Domicile, Nationality and Residence


The public often has to grapple with very technical terms when trying to understand Court proceedings.

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Statutory Wills


Pursuant to the Succession Act 1981 (Qld), certain provisions must be followed when a person dies without a Will (the Rules of Intestacy).  Generally a surviving spouse and children are...

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Parenting Arrangements for Children Aged 0-4


There is significant debate in relation to the overnight time that children aged 0-4 years should spend with their non-residential parent. There is no rule of thumb.

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