Domestic Violence Orders


Each State has their own legislation in regards to protective orders for domestic and family violence situations.

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How is a Family Law Property Settlement Calculated?


Please click the link below to watch our video, 'How is a Family Law Property Settlement Calculated?'

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Not Happy with your Parent's Last Wishes

Not happy with parentss last wishes

When a person dies and the provisions of their Will fail to make adequate provision for the proper maintenance and support of the Deceased’s spouse, child or dependant, section 41...

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What is a Parenting Plan?

Parenting Plan

The Family Law Act encourages parents to reach agreement in relation to the parenting arrangements for their children and to use the legal system as a last resort.

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Assisted Suicide is Fatal


The law against forfeiture provides that a person responsible for the death of another cannot be allowed to benefit from that person’s Estate.

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I Only Want Justice!


Traditionally, property settlement Applications in the Family Court have been dealt with by reference to the following four step process:

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Breastfeeding Ban - A Step Too Far?


A child’s best interests are the paramount consideration when a Court determines appropriate parenting arrangements following a separation.

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Where there is a Will, there is a Way


Many people conduct their business and financial affairs through Companies, Partnerships or Trust entities. On death or a marriage breakdown, the issue of legal ownership becomes highly relevant.

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Handing Over the Kids


One of the practical issues to be considered in relation to parenting Orders or agreements is where handovers or changeovers in the care of children will occur.

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Undefended Property Proceedings


It will sometimes be necessary for the Court to make Orders for property settlement in circumstances where one of the spouses has failed to participate in the proceedings.

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